The Abyzz product line was developed to comply with the highest requirements for components used in ponds, marine and freshwater aquariums for fishkeepers and other aquarists.

Why Abyzz?

Quality - Because an Abyzz is more!

All Abyzz pumps are being developed and produced in Germany by hand work. We set a high value on the quality of every single component used in our products and we buy only from local suppliers. This way, we always have a direct contact to all our partners and can keep a high quality standard. Every single Abyzz pump is checked entirely before packaging, for us to make sure, that you only receive best quality. 

Silence - Because an Abyzz works quiet!

Even at a high flow rate, Abyzz pumps run very smooth. With further programming, such as a speed reduction at night with an ACS, you can get them silent enough to be set up in your sleeping room.

Efficiency - Because an Abyzz saves money!

Abyzz pumps use a lot less energy than standard pumps because of the selected materials ans technologies. Very often, a break even point is reached below two years when exchanging a standard pump.

Innovation - Because Abyzz is engineering!

Abyzz products are being engineered by people, who seek to do everything a little bit better than others. This is why we steadily produce new ideas for your satisfaction. 

Lifetime Guarantee - Because it is more!

We certainly trust in our product: For all Abyzz 200W and 400W models you will be granted a 10 year lifetime warranty after registration - without any additional costs.

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Why Abyzz?

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